Friday, May 14, 2010

Lost fan fiction (with spoilers)

I really like the writing style of Across the Sea. I was inspired to write my own script, which covers the events of that episode and goes on to explain other mysteries of the show.

Act II, Scene I:

Adam: What's down there?

Mother: Light. The warmest, brightest light you've ever seen or felt.

Adam: It's beautiful.

Mother: Yes it is. It's the most beautiful light you've ever sensed. It's twice as yellow as any color you've ever known, and it buzzes louder than any light you've ever heard.

Jacob: Smells kinda like marshmallows!

Mother: It's the most marshmallowy light you've ever tasted. And that's why they want it.

Jacob: What's down there?

Mother: Life. Death. Rebirth. Infinity. Abstract concepts. Riddles, and double-speak. A one-sided slice of ham. A piece of buttered toast, strapped to the back of a cat.

… Also, some treasure.

… There's a bit of that light in all midi-chlorians. Men want it because it's super useful and junk. Just a bucket-full of this light, maybe attached to something like i don't know, a big wooden wheel or something… that could power a hundred clock-radios for over a week. And it's super warm! But the men would use it for very bad, very dangerous things. All sorts of crazy stuff.

Jacob: What do people want to do with it?

Mother: Very powerful and very dangerous, but very very vague and very unspecified things.

Things like what?

- Things that are not meant to be controlled by men.

Wow! Like what?!

- Things that are very mysterious, and totally, totally weird.

Things like what? Can you give me some straightforward answers?

- No… It's not time yet. There are still 2 more episodes.

Mother: You're special. Some people who are special can bend their thumb back and touch their arm with it. Others who are special are good at math or playing the violin or stacking cups really quickly. Your brother's special. He doesn't know how to lie or to tie his shoes. And in other ways, you're also special. Like how you turn into smoke and pick up people and smash them against rocks and stuff.

Adam: I'm special? Is that why I can possess dead people and get blowed up without being hurt and junk?

Mother: Yes. That's because you're special.

Adam: But how did we get here? Where did you come from?

Mother: I came from people who came before me.

Adam: But why can people travel through time?

Mother: Because that's the way that it had to be.

Adam: But why does the island move?

- Because why not.

Then why…

- Because it became like that.

But why did...

- Because of the rules.


- Because it just is.

But you're not even...

- Because I said so?

But it just doesn't make sense! Nothing makes sense! Why is there so much weird stuff always going on?

- Because I made it so it was that way, and also that's how the island wants it, and also that's how it's supposed to be.

Adam: [After a long pause] Well I think we can all be adequately satisfied by those reasonable explanations, thanks.

His name is… Jacob.

Look! There's another one!

It's another boy.

Hmmm, I think… I will call him…


Smoke Monster.


bobisimo said...

I'm lovin' it.

Jennifer and Neil Devine said...

This was better than the whole series! And I only had to use 1832 life seconds on it.

Michael Devine said...

hahaha, thanks