Monday, October 19, 2009

Question: What's cooler than being cool?

On a recent trip around the world and back, on foot I passed through the Rambo tunnels of Hope, British Columbia. There I met some fellow travelers also from Edmonton, who were making the same trek that I was. Here is a piece of worldly advice I picked up while conversing with these wandering strangers in that foreign land.
  • To endure a cold winter comfortably, spend at least a half an hour outside every day.
The reasoning is that this will allow you to acclimate to low temperatures, the way we did as kids when we walked to school every day, back when winters never seemed that bad. Apparently, the face is an important meteorological sensor for our bodies, and keeping ourselves inside too much prevents us from getting used to the oncoming cold of winter.

If you find an excuse to be out while the weather goes from okay to bad, it should be tolerable when it goes to worse. I will try to test the idea this coming fall.

For your health!

Bonus-beats advice!
  • Soak raw nuts overnight before eating them.
Raw nuts have enzyme inhibitors on them that allow the nut to stay fairly inert through dry periods, and only "come alive" to start growing in the presence of water. These inhibitors make nuts hard to digest. Soak yer nuts overnight for like 12 hours or whatever, to get rid of the inhibitors. Beware though that what keeps the nuts inert, keeps them from spoiling, so the nuts won't last as long once they've been soaked. It's a good thing!

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Michael Devine said...

I wrote this out like months ago and haven't got around to posting it. So "coming fall" might be changed to "fall that came and went in a week and now it's too late to do this experiment faithfully."

But I'm still going to do it. Starting... now!

Michael Devine said...

Dammit! I saw the "1 comments" and thought "Ooh, a reader!"

Where is everybody? Everybody, get in here!

I'm still going through some draft blog entries written over the last few months, so if you're wondering "Daaamn, how can one small team of journalists be so prolific?", that's why.