Saturday, October 10, 2009

Uhhhmm... the planet just exploded sir.

We apologize for the recent technical difficulties that have prevented updates of this blog. Earlier in the summer, a wild pack of feral wookies chewed on some vital cables within the MegaCorp(tm) North Compound reactor core, causing a minor nuclear holocaust which disabled the satellite uplink. Please bear with us while we carry out the necessary repairs and cover up. Our sincerest apologies to all who were affected by the blackout.

Legal disclaimer: This apology is not endorsed by Bloggo Corp(tm), nor its parent company MegaCorp(tm), nor any of its affiliates, including FudgeMuffin Industrial, DeathCorp, Superhappy Positiveness Funtime Productions, nor the author. Pursuant to section 12.3, MegaCorp apologizes for nothing(tm)! No refunds will be provided for any real or imaginary losses. Subscribers of the Post Picayune Premium Pack Infotainment, Edutising, or Cryptofaciofunpack Super Mega Bundles may be compensated with a complimentary 12kg canister of MegaCorp Formula B General Purpose Peanut Butter and will be charged a nominal fee plus shipping and handling.

"Choose MegaCorp Formula B General Purpose Peanut Butter, the only non-corrosive mucilaginous anti-frictant with that acceptably peanut-like taste, for all your high-volume edible filler and biodegradable lubricating mechanical adhesive needs!(tm) Now in regular and extra-salty."

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