Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dude... He just... exploded. In front of us.

A shark swims by, seen from under water. Did I just see that? I rewind. There's a DHARMA logo on the shark. WTF.

Jin is here to deliver a message from Mr. Paik. I have a feeling I'm about to be 'splained the reason for his bloody clothes, left as a mystery for awhile now. But no... there is Hurley, for some reason on TV in Korea. For every mystery explained, a new one is presented.

If you're thinking "I've missed too many episodes; it's too late to bother watching them all now," then I suggest you call your satellite provider, ask them to kindly cancel all your programming immediately, and then get them, all of them, and watch every episode for as long as it takes to go through them.

Satellite's kind of like a job. You think it will be hard to live without it, but really... you don't miss it when it's gone.


bobisimo said...

The current season, season five, is a lot more clear. It actually started clearing up season four, I think. And even in season three, a little, you can see where things might be going. But the first few seasons, for the most part, are just crazy.

bobisimo said...

You have some Arnst on you.

bobisimo said...

The only reason I'd say I miss cable/digital cable/satellite is that I'd enjoy sometimes watching content on our shiny new plasma TV. We can stream content from the PC to the Xbox 360 - which is hooked up to the TV, but our internet connection doesn't have the bandwidth to sustain the video... which is weird because we can get crazy-fast downloads in the 13MB/sec range. Meh.