Monday, April 6, 2009

The thing is I can't be sorting through all that shit in the middle of a burglary.

It's been pointed out by a fan that the name of this blog isn't exactly original. At their request, here's an explanation of this blog's history.

Originally the blog was called Misinfonomicon, intended to be "the book of useless information" with random content that "did little more than slightly increase the entropy of the human race's collection of data".

But I thought the name sounded kind of dum. I wanted to give it a name that reflected the blog's rich editorial content. I was looking for names like The Times, The Post, The Tribune, The Picayune, but of course all of these names are already chosen on Blogspot. Ultimately I had to combine some words and leave it up to the Blogger "Check Availability" to decide on a name. "timespicayune" was available but I didn't like the way it looked or rolled off the tongue. "picayunepost" was not available, but "postpicayune" was. I liked it. This name perfectly describes the blog... random posts about whatever random triviality I felt like writing, with a name that playfully made it serious sounding.

Later I googled "post picayune" just to see if there were any small local papers that had that name, and found the real Post Picayune. Interestingly, the sentiment of its description was the exact opposite of what I was going for. So, while the name was "independently discovered", I am guilty of stealing the description, and then defacing it.

No harm was intended, and I believe "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"... sometimes at least. I even like that someone discovered the secret reference. I like the name, and newspapers like these often share the same name. Plus, finding a cool name that's not already taken is hard work, and I'm very, very lazy. So I will probably keep it. But... in the interest of good karma, if the name or description truly offends... then it must be changed. Please comment. I wish good will on all, but good intention must be backed up with a commitment to do no harm.

Oh... speaking of theft... most of the post titles are stolen references... little things taken from a movie or something I read, something important to me, something I was reminded of while writing. I've slipped random references into casual writing for years now, and I like the idea of someone recognizing quotes. It's like a little secret puzzle. A little game of "what film?" Hopefully y'all see them as their intended homages rather than as thefts. The idea to use random but related references isn't even original. I got that from the New Shelton wet/dry. But after reading it for so long, it feels like a natural thing to do.

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