Friday, April 3, 2009

Writer's Block

Recently the readership of this blog has skyrocketed. Unfortunately this fame brings with it a feeling of responsibility. No longer can I simply write about whatever I want; I have to keep the fans in mind. Nothing that gets squeezed out and flushed through the pipes of my mind seems all that interesting. And so, with today's deadline looming, and neither the Jeopardy tune nor the Sonic "drowning" music helping, all I have to write about is not writing.

It occurs that I could always steal some material from stuff that I'd e-mail to people. Our conversations are so interesting, it would be a service to everyone to have them publicly available. It's kinda like a "pull" version of mail, where you have to go check other people's mailboxes to see if they've written you. This could revolutionize the postal service! Imagine simply dropping a letter into your own mailbox, and it's done. Instead of having relatives and companies plug up your mailbox with Christmas cards and bills, respectively, you simply wander through the outboxes of anyone who might write you, completely at your convenience, whenever you feel like checking to see if anyone wrote. This could be the biggest thing in postal sciences and the postal service industry since the invention of the stamp!

Of course, I'd want to let people know that I've written, and not simply wait for them to wander around to this blog. So, I'd have to send an e-mail to everyone, saying "Michael has written a new message. To view this message, follow this link:" Eventually, all our cumbersome e-mail messages will be replaced with convenient e-mailed links to various sites where we can go and retrieve web-based approximations of what we might more appropriately have received in e-mail. I think we're about halfway there already. Instead of bothering to reply to any personal e-mail, I'll just click "New Post", write there, and then "shoot" off a quick "Hey check out my blog posting about this!" e-mail.

Hey check out the new blog posting I did on my blog.

Hey how's it going? What's up?
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So... what's new with me, you axe? Uhm, let's see... Well I've started watching Lost. Like, from the beginning. I'm not sure if I'll get hooked or not. It's a bit of a silly show... has anyone else noticed this? Some of it kind of... not makes a lot of sense. But, I've only watched the first 2 episodes. I'm sure everything will be explained in the next few shows.

I really got into the second season of Dexter awhile back, even though I could never watch it while in a good mood. I never liked all the "I feel an insatiable need to slice someone up, but Harry's Code makes it O.K." crap, but I did identify with Dexter's struggle and disgust with the need to fake normal responses to life and to people. I liked Lila at first, and I loved that she screwed up everything normal in Dex's life, and I was gleeful about how things consistently went from bad to worse with her.

Season 2 was good. Season 3 however... right from the "last season on Dexter" intro, which made sure to include every previous nude scene no matter how irrelevant, I could tell that something had gone bad. The scene that later confirmed it is one in which Dexter is interacting with Rita and her kids. He has the familiar, forced, "Just bein' normal here" grin on his face. But the voiceover, his voice, describing bein' normal and bein' happy and enjoyin' bein' normal... that just did not fit. If I wanted to watch a show about families bein' normal and bein' happy about it, I'd watch Full House. I have this strong feeling that someone with an MBA took a look at only the most superficial qualities of the show and said "get the writers to do more of that. I like that part about killing bad guys or something. Oh, and sex always tests well."

Annnyway, not much else is new with me. Hope all's well with all y'all.

And there we have a successful blog post. With 7 minutes to spare before the deadline, too. Be sure to watch your e-mail for special personalized blog posts from me!


bobisimo said...

I understand the feeling of responsibility. When my mom and my aunt popped on to post comments, it definitely affected me. But then I got over it. I don't post my inner-most thoughts or anything, but I do post what I want with sincerity and honesty. :)

Ya gotta axe yourself why you post, repeatedly. I do, neways. And you gotta focus in on it. I like to think of my posts as e-mails, but e-mails to myself - stuff I might want to remember in a dozen years or more. "Oh yeah, I had no job. Oh yeah, I played a lot of video games. And why was I so hung up on sleeping habits?"

But I think it's cool, the idea of writing e-mails that people collect when they want them.

I'm surprised you thought Dexter was going fine in season two. I liked the sex but it just felt so out of character. I liked Lila and what she did to Dexter but it was also unnatural. Maybe that could have been dragged out more or something, instead of jumping into passionate sex so quickly.

I think your MBA guy is ruining the show. :(

Michael Devine said...

Well, I don't think the MBA guy took the show and said "Let's change it, I can make this better!" I guess I had a preconceived notion that the first 2 seasons were written as books first, and the third was a "okay we need some more, so crank out some more now". So maybe the MBA and his team of writers were dropped on the project and sorta had to fake their way through it.

It's like... it's like...

"We need another song for this Beatles album."

"We need another Lord of the Rings book now."

"Can someone beef up this sciencey Einstein paper with a few more pages?"

MBA: "I'll get my team right on it!"

bobisimo said...

Well, the first book ends before the first season ends.

I can't remember exactly but it was something like the Tamiami Slasher runs around killing prostitutes and Dexter becomes obsessed with the case until everyone starts suspecting Dexter of being the Tamiami Slasher.

And then, with his sister (the hottest thing ever and with HUGE TITS, emphasis from the book) freaking out over the possibility of Dexter as the Tamiami Slasher Dexter starts to believe he actually is the ITK, I mean the Tamiami Slasher, too.

But then, I think, something happened that gets him off, like they find a surveillance tape and use it to prove it can't be Dexter or... or... details fuzzy.

The book actually reads almost word-for-word with the TV show (find-replace Tamiami Slasher with ITK), though I think Angel (no relation - and that's what they call him in the book, Angel no relation) gets a little more time in the book or something. And the ending with Rudy. None of that happened. But I think the first book ends on a cliff-hanger so maybe it does in the second book?

OK, I went to wikipedia to read the summaries and the first two books kinda/sorta match up with the first two seasons. The second book says it's about Dexter being under suspicion by Doakes and that suppressing his murderous dalliances (but nothing about Lila's tits).

But the third book?! WTF! Apparently some cult steals Dexter's "dark passenger" because it threatens their mythology and- and- and- ugh.

bobisimo said...

OK, I re-read the ending. *spoiler!*

Dexter and LeGuerta find the older brother Rudy who is about to kill Deb. But Rudy wants Dexter to do it. And Dexter wants to do it. And he about does it! Rudy pins LaGuerta to the floor with a knife after Dexter hit her or something. I started reading after that. Anyway, Dexter decides he can't kill Deb, and then, and then! The end!

Then we jump to the epilogue and Dexter is at a funeral saying "Oh, Deb" and wishing he could muster up some tears because of how close the two were. But then it turns out "the two" are LaGuerta and Dexter, awwwww. And also at the funeral is Deb, in her seargent outfit! Awww. And she pokes Dexter to warn him about Doakes, who is glaring at Dexter because he's pissed LaGuerta is dead and doesn't believe it happened the way they said it happen, especially since... Rudy got away! Awwwww. :)