Monday, April 6, 2009

It's all part of a cosmic unconsciousness

It's perceptible; it's palpable. Things feel better these days. We are waking up from an 8-year-long dark ages where greed, animosity, and dissatisfaction were the order of the day, every day. Sure, we're still suffering from the "economy" brought about by those years, but even as we adapt to this changing world, we ourselves change, looking elsewhere for happiness rather than trying to find it in an unending struggle to lift ourselves up by pushing the other guy down.

I can feel it. The daily letdown and expectation of always worse news, that feeling of having our world being carved into something that doesn't fit my values or the life I want to lead, is gone. Sure, not everything is sunshine and rainbows (yet?), but it feels better, and I don't feel like the world is run by antagonists anymore.

Is this feeling shared in our collective psyche? Are we all feeling slightly better without consciously noticing or stopping to wonder why? If we pause to think about it, can we even feel this global lean towards euphoria and caring for one another? I'd like to think that part of my happiness comes from this.

For certain, a lot of my mood and its shift towards positive is owed to the end of the reign of terror that was Bush Inc. Let us feel this positive change in ourselves and our world, let us remember this next time some group of selfish thugs try to make our world their world, and let us stand up and say no, you can't do that to us again. We choose something that is better for each of us and for all of us.


ThePostPicayunist said...

HEY! You stole the name of this blog! That is VERY uncool.

Talk about "cosmic unconsciousness"...karma is a bitch, dude.

Of course, you may have a perfectly reasonable explanation for not thinking for yourself??

I hope you change the name and write a post exposing your plageristic's the only resolution to achieve true redemption!!!

bobisimo said...

Did he score redemption in your mind, Mr Internet Policeman? Or have you already moved onto the next crime scene, never bothering to execute judgment on his redemptive trials?